Albany Junior School

School Dress

Our policy on school uniform is based on the notion that school uniform:

  • promotes a sense of pride in the school;
  • engenders a sense of community and belonging towards the school;
  • is practical and smart;
  • identifies the children with the school;
  • prevents children from coming to school in fashion clothes that could be distracting in class;
  • makes children feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance;
  • is regarded as suitable wear for school and good value for money by most parents;
  • is designed with health and safety in mind.

The staff and Governors would like all children to abide by the dress code:

  •  Grey trousers, shorts or skirt
  • Boys Pull Up Trousers starting from 18 months
  • White shirt or blouse
  • Plain white or red polo shirt (available with our school logo)
  • School logo sweatshirt/cardigan in red or grey
  • Red/grey jumper or cardigan
  • Red/white checked summer dresses
  • Sensible black shoes / Summer sandals (white or black with a back strap – not flip flop style
  • Black/white/grey/red socks or tights
  • Tie (optional)

Denim jeans, trainers, sportswear and similar play or leisure type clothes should not be worn as school dress.

In the interests of safety and security pupils should not wear jewellery in school.

In the case of earrings, children should wear only small studs. Children should not wear nail varnish or other make-up. We remakeuphat children have their ears pierced in the summer holidays only.

Equipment for Physical Education Our physical education programme includes the teaching of outdoor games and skills, gymnastics and swimming throughout the year.

The children will require the following essential equipment:-


plain shorts (blue/black)

white vest or t-shirt


swimming trunks/towel (shorts drawstring bag are not allowed)


plain shorts/P.E. pants (blue/black)

white t-shirt or leotard (blue/black)



swimming costume/towel drawstring bag

For outdoor Games, we ask children to bring suitable clothing for cold weather.

A plain tracksuit (blue/black) and clean trainers are desirable.

Plimsolls are not suitable for outdoor games.