Friesland School

Friesland School

All students must be in school uniform from Years 7 – 11 inclusive.

Navy blue blazer with school badge

School tie – clip on

Shirt Plain white with collar Plain style Buttoned to the collar Tucked in at the waist

Trousers/Skirt Black straight leg/boot cut school trousers.

Black pleated knee length school skirt

Jumper (optional) Plain navy blue v neck jumper

Shoes Plain black leather school shoes Practical and safe style

Socks OR Tights Plain black, white or navy Plain black or natural

Coat (Optional) Plain and dark in colour To be removed in lessons, registration and assembly

PE Equipment

Royal blue rugby top (reversible blue and white)

Plain white t-shirt

Black shorts

Royal blue rugby/football socks

Trainers and football boots

A gum shield is recommended.