Albany Infant and Nursery School

As you probably realize, we have school colours at the Albany schools.

The colours chosen were red, grey and white.

We appreciate the need for flexibility and practicality in this matter, therefore the idea is for parents to interpret the use of these colours in the way they wish.


Grey or black trousers/shorts  Trousers starting from 18 months
White or red shirt/polo shirt*

Red or grey sweat-shirt or jumper*


Grey skirt, pinafore dress or trousers
White or red shirt/polo shirt*
Red or grey sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan*
Red checked/gingham summer dress

PE Kit

PE clothes should be dark shorts, White vest/t-shirt and correctly fitting plimsolls.

*=Logo Optional

We feel that the wearing of school colours can help to develop a sense of pride and belonging to a group, but it may also help to relieve parents from the worry of keeping abreast with fashion conscious children.

Taken from the Albany Infant & Nursery School Website Uniform Page