George Spencer Academy 

Black blazer with Academy badge. All students must wear the Academy blazer.

Black plain v neck woollen sweater (optional) with the Academy badge embroidered. This cannot be worn instead of a blazer but in addition to a blazer for warmth. No cardigans or hoodies.

George Spencer Academy Tie The knot of the school tie must conceal the top button of the shirt and the length of the tie must reach the waist i.e. the top of the trousers

Sturdy, black school shoes or boots (if boots are chosen, trousers must cover the ankle). Black or White socks. No Trainers, canvas shoes or open toed sandals.

Plain black coat, minimal logo with no stripes. Hoodies are not permitted.

White collared cotton shirt. All shirts should be worn tucked inside the trousers.

Black school trousers. Trousers are to be plain black traditional school trousers. Skinny trousers or denim are not allowed. 

Pleated skirt with the Academy logo.

Black/white socks or black/natural tights.

Headscarves – Girls who wish to wear headscarves may do so as long as they conform to the requirements listed below: - The fabric should be lightweight and black or white. - The headscarves should be folded under the chin, taken round the back and the ends tucked in. - Headscarves should be worn so the collar and tie can be seen

PE Kit Autumn/Spring outdoor

Red & black rugby shirt/red sweatshirt with the school logo

Plain black shorts.

Plain black football socks .

Plain white t-shirt or polo shirt.

Plain black football socks.

A change of footwear appropriate to the activity

Shin pads.

Gum shield for Rugby

Autumn/Spring indoor

Plain white t-shirt or polo shirt.

Plain black shorts.

Plain black football socks